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Sylinda D has dedicated over 20 years of  coaching and mentoring young girls.  Her mentoring program 'Girls To Pearls' has become an international program that's changing the lives of many.  

She is a certified life coach and believes that broken girls grow up to become broken women.  If they are embraced  and mentored  in their earlier years, then as a result the cycle will be broken.   As a young girl, she was raised without her father due to his untimely death, as a result  she made some wrong decisions in her life and is now  determined to reach as many young ladies as she can to help them discover their purpose,  power, value , and become the greatest version of themselves. 



Dr. SylindaD coaches girls, women, and men.


To  Book A Complimentary Consultation with Dr. SylindaD,  use the form below.

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