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RTB Foundation and 

Girls To Pearls


SylindaD's Girls To Pearls Is a Mentoring Program that teaches young girls the art of becoming a lady, loving themselves and making decisions based on integrity, morals and character, while walking in their power and purpose.

MISSION: To stimulate the minds of young girls everywhere as they learn, grow and understand the importance of empowering their minds, following their dreams and overcoming obstacles.

Pearl Chant: 'I Am Not My Scar, I am a girl whose transitioned into a Beautiful Pearl.'

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​RTB Foundation


Removing The Bandages Foundation is partnered with its parent organization,  WDH Outreach Development Center Inc. which is a 501c3 tax-exempt entity that has met all applicable laws to receive charitable donations from corporations or other nonprofits as well as personal donors in any amount desired. We work to empower, educate and encourage our women and youth.   We aim to help bring complete healing and restoration to our young people and women everywhere. Our mission is to speak life into everything that lies dormant within as we teach them how to walk in their power, purpose, and promise. 

We are excited about the great things in store for 2023 as we continue to sow into our teen girls (Girls To Pearls Mentoring Program) and RTB Women's Movement. Your charitable, taxable donations, sponsorship, and prayers are greatly appreciated as you continue to help make a difference and support our programs.

The backdrop of the movement is 'The Change of Art'  If you don't like what and where you are, you must make a change to become what you desire to be. Too many of our young girls and women have become affected and infected by their past hurts. We are standing up to help make a difference through our programs, conferences,  and events that will assist in bringing change, encouragement, and empowerment.

Change of ART

A- Acknowledge that there is a wound (confront your pain)

R- Remove the bandages

T- Treat the wound and take your life back.

The change can then take place and you can walk into the beautiful image that God created you to be healed and complete.

Mission: To speak life into everything that lies dormant within as we teach women and young girls how to walk in their power, purpose and promise.

Goal: Our goal is to help bring complete healing and restoration to our young girls and women worldwide

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